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Almost anything worth doing, is worth doing publicly

About PublicText

Public text wants to be one of many repositories of useful publicly owned information. We're based on plain simple wiki text and anyone is free to start a public owned text. The only restriction on public use and contribution, creation, critique and storage of Public Texts is that all content must be licensed for public ownership in perpetuity.

Public Text Works include TextBooks, ProjectDocumentation, ProjectTemplates, TechnicalHowTos, PublicDocumentation,OpenWork or anything else the participating community can imagine in useful textual form - everything from code to new collaborative curricula, to illustrations.

There are no restrictions when it comes to illustrating works with relevant images, video, audio, databases or apps but Publicly Owned Texts favour a plain text format simply because plain text is proven to extend the reach of public access to express public interest in building open, information sharing networks and widen participative collaboration across many digital divides.

What sort of content is housed here?

Publicly Owned texts include collaborative new media textbooks, instructions, records of public projects, and all forms of self documentation that record and share best practice and experience in both public and non-public projects.

All texts here are given to the public to take, use, enhance, build and remix as needed, in the interests of documenting experience and expanding participation to create enduring, ever evolving and above all - extremely useful - publicly owned text repositories.

Contributor Guidelines

Why the Focus on Plain Text

Other Publicly Owned Text Repositories

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Help Using this site

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

This content is under construction and imagination here: PublicTextIntroduction